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Dear artists and authors,
We are hereby notifying you that due to budget cuts for the INTERNATIONAL COMICS FESTIVAL 2019, we are forced to reduce the Grand Prix cash prize to a total of 500€, and in accordance to the reduction of other expenses. This change was necessary in order to maintain the conceptual framework, the quailty of the program, and the great selection of guests at this year’s festival.
Therefore, we are kindly asking you to accept our apology for the changes in the CONTEST, with respect to the Festival’s main prize that previously announced via e-mail or electronic/printed media.
Keeping in mind primarily the interest of the artists and authors, but also the comics fans and the reading audience, we kindly ask all participants at this year’s FESTIVAL CONTEST 2019, for understanding.
Notice date: 24.05.2019.
The Organizational Team of the Comics Festival 2019.
Studentski kulturni centar Beograd
Kralja Milana 48, Srbija
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